All massages are customized for you... whether you want to improve your game, your health, or relax. At the beginning of your session we will discuss your specific needs and the best massage technique for you. 

To ensure your maximum comfort, all sessions are on a heated massage table.

Pregnancy Massage
For the mother-to-be... Extra care is taken to keep you comfortable and to focus on the common discomforts of pregnancy. Massage helps to relieve water retention, lower-back pain, and to reduce stress for mom and baby. A special pregnancy pillow is used to allow space for a growing baby and the comfort of lying face down for mom.  60 Minutes:   $95


Sports Massage

Addressing the specific needs of athletes and weekend warriors, this massage is designed to clear out the lactic acid build-up from long workouts and extended periods of running.  Also relieves and promotes the healing of sports-related injuries, while preventing the probability of future injuries. 30-Minute: $50 / 60-Minute: $95

Deep Tissue Massage
A full body massage focusing on specific trouble areas.  Deep Tissue Massage is a technique applied to the deeper layers of the tissues to release chronic muscle tension by using slow and deep direct pressure. Effective in relieving insomnia, headaches and muscle pain.   
30-Minute: $50 / 60-Minute: $95

​Swedish  Massage

Swedish Massage incorporates a series of long gentle strokes, kneading, and friction which works on the more superficial layers of the muscles to reduce stress, relax the muscles, increase circulation, and improve digestion. 30-Minute: $50 /60-Minute: $95








Essential Oil Therapy
Also called Aromatherapy, essential oil therapy uses plant derived essential oils to increase circulation to tissues, relax the muscles and bring emotional balance. - Complimentary with every treatment

Hot Aroma Towels
These are applied in key spots to allow the heat to penetrate deep into the the muscles to provide maximum relaxation and relieve tension.  The aromatherapy adds to the calming experience. – Complimentary with every treatment

Body Brushing
This century-old practice has many benefits, which include increasing circulation, exfoliating the skin, preventing cellulite, eliminating toxins from your lympathac system and boosting your immune system. - $10


We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards.​